musical theatre female character meme ♀ a female ship in a musical

glinda upland & elphaba thropp // wicked

"You’re the only friend I’ve ever had." 
"And I’ve had so many friends, but only one that mattered." 


theatre = art form

theater = location

if it has musical numbers = musical

if it does not = play

when in doubt, just call it a show

Sierra Boggess: a summary

I don’t want to own anything until I can find a place where me and things go together.  I’m not sure where that is, but I know what it’s like.  It’s like Tiffany’s.

craycraymabelgurl said:
Hi sorry to bither you but where did you get the Love Never Dies gifs from?

It’s no problem. Are you asking about the ones I made from this video?

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