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Hello. Um this might be a stupid question to ask but where did you watch Ramin Karimloo and Sierra's version of "Beneath A Moonless Sky" ? I can't find the HD version anywhere...I might be looking at the wrong places though but any help is appreciated :) Thank you. Your blog is very beautiful btw.

Thank you. Its not a stupid question :) There used to be a video on youtube. Sadly it’s no longer available to watch.


…really, you were perfect…


…really, you were perfect…

"Sometimes it all feels like too much, doesn’t it? And even trying to just shut it out… that ends up hurting people too. And part of it is, I’m the only one I’ve ever heard with powers like mine;

get to know me meme[4/6] favorite male lead characters → prince topher (cinderella)


Get to know Aaron Tveit (insp.)

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Happy 29th Anniversary Les Misérables (8 October, 1985)

on broadway
a gentleman’s guide to love and murder

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